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Retail and Leisure Guest WiFi

Providing a retail and leisure guest WiFi service to your customers and shoppers in a retail or leisure venue such as a shopping centre, bar or club comes with a full range of great benefits.

Let’s say a group of friends come into your bar and settle down at a table. One of the first things they do is log into your guest WiFi service using their favourite social media account. This provides you with information such as their gender, age, likes, interests and more. You’ll be able to see how many times they’ve visited your venue, the frequency of their visits, how long they stay and even the physical location that they like to hang out the most.

Using this information you can target your marketing to their particular demographic, or even provide personalised offers and promotions on an individual level, such as birthday deals or customer loyalty freebies.

Automatic Posts

50% of users will also choose to automatically post their visit to your venue on their social media account. Sharing this information with their friends and followers increases your business’ exposure and recognition. Through your online portal, you can even customise the posts that are shared. This is a major benefit in using retail and leisure guest WiFi services.

Micro Surveys

Gain valuable insight into your customers’ thoughts and experiences with Micro Surveys. Create surveys, offer multiple choice or ratings-based answer options and focus on those essential areas as experienced by your most important review panel – your customers.

Location Based Services

Retail and leisure guest wifi allows you to see the physical locations of your customers and guests. These come with detailed heat map engagement and highlighted entry and exit points. Identify common pathways, bottlenecks or gathering points. You will then be able to increase your marketing and promotional presence in targeted key areas.