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Using a Business Centre WiFi Hotspot

With the adoption of smart devices, the need to stay connected while mobile has evolved. A business centre WiFi hotspot can help the guests in your business premises stay online – all the time.

Connectivity to the internet is no longer considered an optional perk. Nowadays, visitors to your premises will expect to be able to get online quickly, and also for free. The use of wireless technologies improves our efficiency and effectiveness by allowing us to stay connected, regardless of the location or platform being used. Therefore, a WiFi hotspot in your business centre is essential.

Wireless technology allows connectivity while we move about throughout the day. It has the capability to turn reception areas and common parts into wirelessly connected meeting places. In fact, the wireless network has in many cases become more strategic in our lives than wired.

Given our reliance on mobility, network access for mobile devices – including guest wireless access – is considered standard. Any meaningful work will usually be carried out on a laptop or tablet. Given that the vast majority of these need a wifi network to get online your new RedHotSpot service will be essential in any business environment.

With a fixed pricing model, easy set up and support and compliance ensured, RedHotSpot really is an essential public and guest WiFi solution for property managers and landlords.