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Hotel WiFi Hotspot Solution - RedHotSpot

Hotels and Hospitality WiFi

Imagine if you could communicate with the guests in your hotel based on their demographic, their arrival time, or even their physical position within the hotel? Our hotel wifi hotspot solution allows you to do just this.

If you own or run a hospitality business, you’ll know how important it is to your guests that your hotel wifi hotspot solution is fast and reliable.

Picture this – a guest has arrived, tired and hungry. Once they’ve checked in they also log into the guest WiFi service using their social media account. This instantly registers important marketing data such as age, gender and interests. Your guest then makes his way to the restaurant.

The guest WiFi technology recognises that he has entered the restaurant, and automatically sends him details of tonight’s specials. You can also highlight and offer any active promotions or even a complementary drink. He orders from the specials menu, finishes his meal and then makes his way back to his room. The hotel WiFi now sends him one final message to wish him a good night’s sleep, and there will be somebody on reception all night, should he need anything.

You now have a guest in your hotel who feels valued and well taken care of.

Micro Surveys

Gain valuable insight into your customers’ thoughts and experiences with Micro Surveys. Create surveys, offer multiple choice or ratings-based answer options and focus on those essential areas as experienced by your most important review panel – your customers.

Custom Splash Pages

When first logging into the WiFI, remind your guests that the spa is open late tonight, or that there’s live entertainment in the hotel bar. Your custom splash page will say exactly what you need it to say, highlighting to your guests any special offers, promotions or other information.